We are Barber. We’ve been designing exceptional customer-focused destinations for retail, travel retail and specialist brands since 1999. Our home is London but you’ll find our projects spread across the globe.

We’ve become a recognisable retail design agency, acclaimed for our work on both the UK high street and internationally across a vast array of projects in fashion retail, food stores, shopping centres, travel retail and cruise ship destinations.

At Barber we believe in total design excellence and adding significant brand value for your end-customers. Our process Define, Create and Implement shows our confidence and mindset to get your project completed.

Global insight and experience

50% of our work is with international clients.

The team delivering each project is built around the specific needs and location of each client.

We conduct feasibility studies for clients weighing up new sites to develop, strategize on how to design for the local target demographic, design branding, graphics and way-finding; a full end-to-end design consultancy approach to a physical environment.

Independent, founder-led and over two decades in the making; we specialise in the one-offs, flagships and first concepts.

What we do

From brand conception and vision to store design and on-site project handover, we are specialists in our sector and like to work with clients who are brave, trust our expertise and have reasonable budgets.

What makes the team at Barber Design different? We’re dedicated, insightful and resourceful. We know eye-catching retail graphics and interiors alone won’t forge a solid, workable platform for your brand.

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Barber Design has worked with retailers ranging from some of the biggest names on the high street to one-off boutiques. Cross the threshold, and the retail interior space immediately shapes our expectations and notions of a brand. It’s a key moment – one where brand messages and promises must successfully come together if they are to draw us in further.

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Fantastically popular and increasingly engaging; pop-up shops can increase brand awareness, allow businesses to trial new products or new retail designs and even help a business to simply generate a great deal of turnover in a very short space of time, with limited overheads and with maximum efficiency. However, it is not just individual companies that benefit from the magic of a pop-up shop, and they are also now being hailed as the saviour of the high street.

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Our wealth of visual merchandising experience allows us to rapidly gain a deep understanding of each client’s brand, enabling us to showcase their best features and engage their customers through a variety of distinctive retail displays.

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The potential for online sales is unprecedented, but only if the interface supports the brand by offering an easy and pleasurable way to shop. Barber’s expertise in retail design extends to websites and all mobile platforms to help build a dynamic and compelling digital retail experience for those customers purchasing online.

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Award Winners

Over the years we have won numerous awards from Retail Week Interiors, Drapers, Natural Beauty Retail Awards and many others.