Arrange Christmas Pop-Up Shops Now

7th October 2011

The last leaf may not have fallen yet but nonetheless, the time has come to start planning for the Christmas shopping rush. Smart companies get their point of sale display plan arranged early for a smooth, timely roll-out. As soon as new stock for the Autumn-Winter season starts arriving you can start thinking about how those products will be best displayed over the busy period.

Now is also the time to plan and order pop-up shops. The right location is absolutely crucial to the success of a pop-up retail point and as Christmas gets closer, competition for the best spots will hot up. Get in early and your company has the best chance of securing a good one and enjoying the benefits that greater exposure and high traffic bring.

A well-placed pop-up shop can act as a second retail location, as a way of moving sale products or overstock, or simply direct customers to your main store. Whatever the intention, they must be eye-catching, easy to run with only a few staff, and secure enough that losses don’t become a problem.

The months leading up to Christmas are a very busy time for top retail designers. Although we do try our best to help all companies with their design needs no matter how close to the big day it is, starting the process off early ensures that you’ll get a superb display ready well before the customers start hunting for Christmas gifts. Get in touch today and see how we could make this Christmas your best ever.