Attract More Customers with a Striking Window Display

15th February 2011

A shop’s window display should be the starting point of any retail design. It can be highly influential, relaying your store’s entire philosophy and determining whether a customer will enter or walk past. It is thought that a customer will decide whether or not they will enter a store in only a few seconds, so the retail display in your window needs to make a huge impact in an extremely short space of time. Create a striking window display and your volume of customers, and therefore sales, could increase immeasurably.

While your window display should be attractive and unique, it’s important not to lose sight of the main aim – to encourage customers to make a purchase. Having a retail design that it too experimental could actually alienate customers and even leave them perplexed as to what your shop actually sells. If you’re in any doubt about the retail display in your window, remember to keep it simple. Showcase what you consider to be your best, most attractive products and display them in an eye-catching way.

Your window display should relay the philosophy of your store. Do you want to be known for selling good value products, or do you consider yours to be a more exclusive establishment? Your retail display should adequately relay that message to the customer within a few seconds. Having an attractive and effective window display will encourage customers to visit your store and, ultimately, spend a long time browsing and making purchases.