Barber Design in Apricot

16th March 2011

What, we’re now available in pastel colours? No, Barber Design have been working with Apricot in White City’s Westfield shopping centre. This is one of the most exciting shopping developments in London and we were thrilled to be able to contribute to it with the retail design for the new Apricot store.

Apricot is a women’s clothing retailer aimed squarely at a funky young market, so we created a bright point of sale display that was adaptable enough to cope with constantly changing fashions and open enough to present innovative styles at their best. We used the Apricot logo to good effect throughout the store, to create a space that is clearly branded but not overpowering.

We were also able to integrate natural themes with wood and stone building materials. This supports the natural and eco-friendly connotations of the Apricot name and also allowed us to add detailing that speaks of quality construction and finishing. The completed shop is now in place and it’s bright, attractive, and superbly functional for shoppers.

Working in dedicated shopping environments like Westfield London is always a challenge for retail designers. Although there is a strong market looking for the wares on offer there is also huge competition from other displays and shop fronts so innovative and striking designs are essential.

Our work at Apricot stands out in all the right ways. Next time you’re in that part of the world, stop by and take a look. You’ll find both high quality women’s clothing and outstanding design in the shop itself.