Barber retail design for Jigsaw in Shrewsbury – new store opens today!

10th December 2015

British fashion brand Jigsaw opened their first store in Hampstead in 1972. Their plan was to sell stylish clothes at affordable prices in inspiring surroundings. 40 years later, this simple retail idea has flourished. Now with over a hundred stores and concessions in the UK – and 29 overseas – when it came to opening a new store in Shrewsbury, Barber Design were the obvious choice to design this new retail location for the popular brand.

Store concept designs

Despite having an impressive portfolio of stores in the UK, Jigsaw pride themselves on their independent approach. Unlike many fashion chains, Jigsaw stores do not stick to a design formula. No two stores are the same and each one is designed to be sympathetic to its surroundings and the existing architecture of the building that it is housed in. With a proven track record in this kind of retail design, Jigsaw approached Barber to help them to create a store which reinforces the Jigsaw brand message of ‘style and truth’ showcasing their timeless, independent-minded and fun fashion in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Site visit

The new Shrewsbury Store is located in an 18th century Grade II listed building in the town square – right at the centre of the historic market town. Barber were tasked to create a design which would complement the design of the building, whilst also fitting in with its surroundings and the rich cultural heritage of the town.


Upon examining the site, we discovered a series of original architectural features which had previously been covered up, including some interesting brick-lined arched windows which we decided to develop into a key focal point within the store. The windows let in natural light at the rear of the shop, enticing customers to come right into the store and spend more time browsing the items on display.

The driving motivation behind the retail design was that it should be more than just a transactional space. The Jigsaw Store evokes a lifestyle destination for local consumers where they will want to linger and browse at their leisure in a relaxing environment. In order to achieve this, we applied a neutral colour palette which emphasises the unique shape of the building and highlights the products on display. Neutral grey tones, reclaimed oak flooring, concrete finished walls and bespoke fixtures enable the garments and accessories on display to really stand out and catch the eye. The centrally-located cash desk is a singular nod to Jigsaw’s design tradition, whilst a display of carefully-curated collection of art, books and vintage furniture help to reinforce the brand’s moniker: “Fashion is temporary but style is permanent.”