Barber retail design for Triathlon Shop

10th September 2014

Back in June we announced the opening of one of our latest retail design projects, the Triathlon Shop in Bristol. We promised there were more pictures to come, and here they are:

Large inspirational interior image of swimmer

welcoming interior design

Stairs inside the Triathlon Shop

Bristol is a city of runners and mountain bikers, as well as a burgeoning triathlon scene and already the store is attracting customers who enjoy the “open, welcoming and relaxed feel.”

Industrial store furniture

Interior design with space

“It’s a very nice, welcoming space”

Bike showcase as part of the interior retail design

zones in the retail interior

With another half-marathon happening this month and regular park runs, Bristol is already full of potential customers for this very stylish Barber retail interior design.

Cycle workshop in the Triathlon Shop

space for a trisuit testing pool inside the shop

“It’s very functional but doesn’t make you feel like you have to already be a fit twenty-something professional triathlete to go in there.”

colourful bike that matches interior design colour

Helmet range on clean design shelving

Bike Test workshop built into retail interior helmets displayed in retail space on shelving

Display showcase for footwear

Use of colour blocks in retail interior

There is also the “delight of finding huge changing rooms, which feel airy even on a hot day when you are struggling in and out of trisuits.”

Trisuits hang in the retail interior

inspirational interior design

Triathlon Shop Bristol exterior