Barber retail design work for SugarSin in Covent Garden

Retail design work by Barber for SugarSin at Covent Garden

Regular readers of our blog may remember our previous retail design work for sweet store SugarSin in one of London’s prime shopping spots – Covent Garden. Our original design was named one of the 10 most beautiful candy shops in the world by architectural digest who described it as a “colourful and quirky emporium” – so naturally when SugarSin decided to move to different premises in Covent Garden they called on Barber to design the new store for them.

Retail design work by Barber for SugarSin at Covent Garden

The brand

SugarSin is the brainchild of Scandinavian sisters Anna and Josefin who hail from Sweden – where sweets are a common treat for adults and children alike. As a nation, the Swedish eat more pick n mix sweets than anyone else in the world. Following the demise of the Woolworths pick n mix concession, the sisters were keen to bring their own cultural take on the concept to the UK, envisioning a niche in the market for an original, more sophisticated brand of confectionery retail. Since opening their original store the sisters have happily been proved right and this success has seen them returning to Barber for a second retail design project – to develop a contemporary store concept that is enticing, colourful and will appeal to all ages.

The project

We worked very closely with SugarSin to reboot the brand in their new, highly sought after location in Covent Garden. The brief was to create a bright, unique and fun store with an inviting atmosphere in order to showcase SugarSin’s unique and irresistible range of products. After developing the concept we then produced and supplied a detailed drawing pack for the client to give to their contractors to work from. The fixtures and fittings in the store feature an exaggerated design with strong bold colours to create a larger than life look, which feels both fun and contemporary. Design features include black and white candy striped flooring, hanging glass bubbles, harlequin wall tile patterns and liquorice rope-effect pillars. The client told us that they wanted to play with different materials to make the shop more alive – with vibrant colours and high gloss tables. It’s a look that certainly grabs your attention – setting SugarSin apart from the other retail giants in this legendary shopping street.

But don’t just take our word for it, come and see the newly opened store out for yourself at 1-2 Russel Street, WC2. Check out the SugarSin website for more details!

Retail design work by Barber for SugarSin at Covent Garden