Easy Retail Design Mistakes

14th November 2011

The best retail designers will almost always be able to improve the look and feel of a shop. The first and biggest step towards creating an attractive, buyer-friendly space is deciding to take a bold step and make real changes, but all too often the inexperienced fall into a few common traps. Here are a handful of design mistakes that should always be avoided:

  1. Cheap point of sale display units. Having your shop look stunning on day one is great, but it has to stay looking sharp for months to come. Basic cardboard point of sale materials can be effective if well placed, but they can also succumb to wear and tear very quickly. A display that looks bent, tired, cracked, or faded can quickly bring down the atmosphere in the whole shop.
  2. Trying to pack too much into a small space. Customers need to feel free to move and browse. Cramped spaces just don’t feel welcoming. Clear pathways are an absolute must.
  3. Hiding products. It should be easy for a customer to find the colour, style, and size they want. That means arranging products in a logical way and making sure sizes are kept in order. Good designs should make this easy.
  4. Poor lighting. Nothing makes a great shop look grubby and unattractive quicker than old-fashioned strip lighting. Modern LEDs can be integrated into any retail design. They’ll not only provide bright, natural-looking lighting, but also last a very long time and save you money on electricity bills.