Using digital media to enhance travel retail sales

15th May 2014

As mentioned on the blog last week, brands and retailers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance travel retail sales – particularly with the use of novel technologies for use with their burgeoning multi-channel retail propositions. Managing director of the airport advertising specialist, Compass International Media, Phil Weake describes how digital media campaigns both within the airport and beyond play a vital role to enhance sales:

Photo by Sebastian Sammer on Unsplash

Photo by Sebastian Sammer on Unsplash

“The adoption of digital screens is also driving growth in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising as brands are recognising the advantages and effectiveness of dynamic, time-specific advertising in order to reach target audiences.

“Furthermore, the ability for brand immersion using POS display advertising that links with mobile and web is increasingly demanded and drives retail sales.”

The planning and design of any optimised media and advertising programme should always be considered as an integral part of any travel retail design phase – not added as an afterthought once the project is complete.

Digital displays and advertising formats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and an effective programme can have a huge influence on the overall look, feel, and dynamism of any travel retail environment. If it is done correctly it will have a very positive impact on both retail sales and the brand perception of the airport.

Compared to the airlines themselves, airports have generally been left behind when it comes to recognising and capitalising on the power of their own brand. Each one is in a unique position to create a globally recognised brand, with broad appeal and valuable commercial qualities. Slowly they are catching up to recognise the status provided by presenting a good customer experience – both in their retail areas and through the airport itself. The scrabble to entice both airlines and passengers has become increasingly competitive in recent years and by applying effective branding strategies, airports are able to both communicate their unique offer and promote a promise to deliver.

Travel hubs such as airports and ferry terminals need to create a clear brand proposition from the outset, which is then conveyed and implemented across all aspects of their operations, such as the branding and retail design developed by Barber for the Kai Tak Ferry terminal in Hong Kong. From the statements made through the design of the terminal itself, signposting, retail areas and sub brands, to provide a pleasant and memorable customer experience.