Fashion Store Design – Developing a womenswear brand for Skopes

18th October 2013

One area where Barber have a lot of experience is fashion store design – so we were delighted to work on this recent project with Skopes. This heritage business was established over 60 years ago in the heart of the great textile industry and has traditionally sold predominantly menswear – with both stores and concessions throughout the UK. They also supply a range of bespoke clothing and uniforms to large corporations. Skopes enjoy a rich history and heritage filled with the highest levels of innovation and service.

Skopes design

Skopes came to Barber for help in developing their new womenswear brand. Our experienced branding designers  took elements from the existing identity and brought them to life in a new design  by creating a logo that was sensitive, whilst still subtly retaining the corporate identity.

the English rose colour scheme

The theme for the design was ‘English Rose’  and played on the traditional and classic feel of the Skopes brand. By taking an element from the original crest, we were able to create a new brand pattern which remained true to the Skopes formal route whilst also evoking a distinctly feminine twist.

Skopes womenswear swing tag design

In addition to this we also designed point-of-sale solutions for the new retail brand – including swing tags, clothes hangers, retail wallpaper and textures and environmental elements to be incorporated into the fashion store design to create a unique and engaging retail environment.

The branding has now been implemented and rolled out to stores and concessions across the UK.