Football Clubs Demand First-Class Retail Design

21st October 2011

Most high-street shops are feeling the effects of the online marketplace. These days shoppers are turning away from traditional walk-in stores and towards the internet when it comes to almost every retail industry, from groceries to pet supplies to clothing, books, music and shoes. Football clubs are just one of the many retailers putting a great deal of thought into how to keep offline stores competing with online ones.

Doug Barber, one of our top retail designers, recently spoke out about the challenges faced by the official retail outlets owned by football clubs and how to best overcome them. His call to make football club shops more attractive and higher performance was published in the well-respected FC Business Magazine.

Doug is an expert in retail design across many industries and he has thought long and hard about how to help football clubs get the best possible profit out of their stores. His ideas range from using state-of-the-art static and moving displays, regular updating of really outstanding window displays to keep fans coming back, and allowing ample space for changing rooms. The latter is often neglected but it’s an essential point for any shop that sells athletic clothing.

He also pointed out that a point of display sale can work with a retail website, not in competition with it. Using the web address on in-store materials is one way to ensure that if football fans are going to buy online, they buy online for the official store rather than from a different source.