A new futuristic store display for Dyson on Oxford Street

Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

Sticking with Oxford Street – and the future – this week, take a look at this ultramodern space age store display for Dyson’s brand new flagship store ‘Dyson Demo’ which opened on Oxford Street last week. Describing the new store in Retail Week, John Ryan describes the buzz around the new retail design:

“You might have thought that a shop selling pretty much nothing but electrical implements that either blow or suck air would have relatively limited appeal. Yet such is the design aura that surrounds Dyson products that the opening of a store bearing the name of the founder and presiding genius has been keenly anticipated.”

He’s right. The new store is the first of it’s kind in the UK and the only place where you can go to test drive the entire enticing range of Dyson products. Just a short hop from Selfridges, the brand new two-floor store offers an engaging visual treat from consumers, with interactive displays inviting you to try before you buy. For example, in the vacuum cleaner department, you will find illuminated shelves filled with rows of small tubs of dirt, ready to be tossed onto the floor in order to test drive the array of glamorous looking machines.

After starting out with vacuum cleaners in 1991, the company has seen it’s product range expand in recent years to include lighting, humidifiers, fans, air purifiers, heaters and most recently, hairdryers.

In store, a wall of dryers on display is presented along with the explanation:

“It took 600 prototypes to re-think the hair dryer.” There is a hair salon where customers can book an appointment for a blow-dry from one of the innovative blade-free dryers – or you can try a dryer for yourself with a fantastic gadget which allows you to blast a black screen with the dryer and watch it glow as the heat hits it – allowing you to see how precisely the heat from the dryer can be directed during the styling process.

The store was ‘personally designed’ by Dyson founder, James Dyson who worked closely with the store’s architects and designers to realise his vision of an Apple type tech store where customers can not only come and try the products but also receive expert advice on how to get the very best from them. Mr Dyson has applied his gift for inspired innovation to the store display design and, like the vacuum cleaners – it really works! The store is only the second stand-alone Dyson store of it’s kind in the world and already it is grabbing the attention of retail designers as a bold example of how to create an outstanding customer experience.

John Ryan suggests that the store is currently the best example of retail storytelling in London:

“[It gives] the shopper the background to the product that is being considered and pointing out why it is better than others that may be looked at.

“The products are not cheap. One of the new hair dryers will set you back around £300, but that’s not the point…It’s all about creating an experience and an environment that will convince and at a stroke Dyson has not only reinvented the hair-dryer, but it has also come close to creating something new in retail.

“Dyson is about looking at a workaday piece of consumer electronics and making it different, appealing and futuristic.”

As we have noted in earlier blog posts this year – technology is a strong growth area for retail – tech companies dominated the recent Brandz Report and stores like John Lewis are focusing on new display areas to showcasing the latest in consumer gadgets and smart technology so this new store opening certainly appears to be a smart move for Dyson and as John Ryan suggests, it’s well worth visiting the store for a look at their customer experience set up – “…even if you’ve not got £300 for a hair dryer.” If you happen to be on Oxford Street this summer we recommend you check it out – and let us know what you think!