Getting Ahead in Retail

25th January 2011

With the ever competitive retail industry getting increasingly aggressive, good retail location and reactive promotion strategies are no longer enough to guarantee retailers of long-term survival. Struggling shop owners and store managers now need to look at all aspects of promotion and customer behaviour to maximize profits and get an edge on their competitors.

Consumers now have more choice than ever and so are less likely to visit a store which does not immediately appeal to them. Therefore, the design of a store and the type of shopping environment that the store presents are the key factors in determining long-term success for today’s retailers. In simple terms, the first impression that a person receives about a store will determine whether a retailer gains or loses potential customers.

The science behind manipulating a store’s environment to increase influence over customers’ purchasing behaviour is known as retail design. It can be a very powerful weapon for retailers and can help to ensure far more potential customers are gained than lost. Successful retail designers can inspire even the most resistant customers to consider parting with their hard-earned cash. By using visually stimulating signage and attractive window displays to get potential customers in to the store, customers are then presented with an agreeable environment with subtle yet informative advertising to make their shopping experience a positive one. Naturally, a positive shopping experience is far more likely to result in a sale than a mediocre or negative one, so the results will speak for themselves.