Getting Your Shop Ready for Winter

7th November 2011

In summer, it’s easy to make a shop look light, airy, and welcoming. On a bright summer day with plenty of sunshine shoppers are more inclined to be in a browsing mood and will wander into shops just to see what’s on offer. On a cold, wet winter day it’s another story entirely. Unless inside a shopping centre and protected from the elements, they are more inclined to go straight to the shop they need and not venture time and effort on exploring anywhere new.

The good news is that the best retail designers can make any shop into a haven for winter shoppers. When it’s dark and cold outside, stepping into a space carefully picked out with warm lighting and bold colours can be a very attractive prospect. Making the shop interior and shop front look happy, warm, and bright may take a little work but it is one task that can always be accomplished with clever design and the right products.

A brightly coloured point of sale display that may seem too much for summer shoppers could be just the thing to get their attention in winter. Rich, warm colours boost winter cheerfulness, and we could all use a little more of that when it’s sleeting down outside.

Remember, winter retail design isn’t just about Christmas. Here in the UK our winters are long and when chilly February comes around, shoppers will still appreciate good lighting and a warm, welcoming feel in their favourite stores. With our help you could attract more customers all through the colder months.