Holographic window display design for Paul Smith in Covent Garden

4th September 2015

We like to report on retail technology and design innovations here on the blog and this week, this idea for a striking interactive holographic window display design for Paul Smith really caught our eye.

The design is the brainchild of Carl Bresnahanand and was mocked up as part of his degree project. The interactive display, entitled ‘The Window that Never Sleeps’ engages shoppers after hours when the store is closed, with a range of brightly coloured interactive suits that appear to come to life at the press of a button. The aim of the display is both to strengthen the Paul Smith brand identity and also to encourage shoppers to return and browse when the store is open – as the vivid interactive imagery will stick in the minds and inspire them to return and make a purchase.

Photo by Kitti Incédi on Unsplash

Photo by Kitti Incédi on Unsplash

The brightly-coloured suits perform a variety of actions in the display including playing with a yo-yo and flicking a pack of cards over the floor. The holographic element makes the visuals appear to be 3D and the strangeness of the spectacle, coupled with the interactive elements of the design mean that most people will stop and take a look and interact with the display – rather than just shuffling past.

Although just a concept for now, this idea could easily be implemented in store and does not look outlandish compared to some of the other stimulating and ground breaking retail window and visual merchandising ideas you see in some of central London’s busiest shopping area such as Regents Street or here in Covent Garden. In places like Floral Street in Convent Garden – where this concept is set – there is a lot of footfall even when the shops are closed so the idea of having interactive and novel ideas on display after hours can only lead to good things for stores wishing to improve brand awareness or present interesting ideas to the world.