Innovative retail design for Lush at their new Oxford Street store

11th May 2015

Last week Lush, the retailer of super-fragrant ethical, organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics, opened a new three-storey retail store on Oxford Street in London. Part of the appeal – and the subsequent success – of the Lush brand lies in their design and branding and this innovative retail design – which was developed in-house – is no exception. Featuring bold colours and eye-catching graphics, Lush is well known for the wafting fragrant smells of their products – which emanate from their stores and drift down the street – enticing passers by to come in and smell more. The new Lush store has built on this idea to provide everything that brand-loyal customers love about Lush, on a much larger scale – with added treats and features!

Photo by Anna Vi on Unsplash

Photo by Anna Vi on Unsplash

The store is around thirteen times larger than the average Lush store and they have really made good use of the space, offering a full product range on the ground floor, featuring a comprehensive selection of new ranges including shampoos, styling products, face masks, make up, soap, bath bombs, shower gels and scrubs. Each floor provides a different customer experience – with different product areas, a ‘#selfiemirror ‘ and treatment facilities including a ‘Hair Lab’, Spa Room and ‘Gorilla Perfume Gallery’. There is also a dedicated space on the first floor for parties and other events, including charity evenings, skin and hair care sessions and ‘Lush Kitchen’ creative events. In the run up to the general election, the inaugural event in this space was a political debate with many of the main parties represented in an interactive discussion about animal welfare – something that the Lush founders feel very strongly about.

The retail design itself uses recycled materials and a vibrant colour palette, using reclaimed timbers, brick and tiles and product displays formed from barrels and crates, with neutral tones which contrast well with the rainbow bright colours of Lush’s product range.

According to international project manager Jen Hilton, the large-scale format of this new store is setting the blueprint for a series of planned US stores, to open later this year. Look like big things are on the horizon for this well-loved Westcountry brand.