Flower-powered display at Liberty in London

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Here’s an interesting piece of retail interior at Liberty in London with a real retro-design feel. Liberty is renowned as a home for design classics, with its iconic fabric designs, unusual shop interior and wonderfully over the top Christmas decorations. Not normally a place to park a car or two. But customers heading in for the launch of the new Levi’s® X Liberty collection could not fail to miss the two vehicles hanging from the ceiling.

The flower-powered VW beetle and iconic London taxi filled full to bursting with flowers are part of an interior installation designed to evoke the 70s, as the collaboration between Levi’s and Liberty has gone back to the archive to pull out classic design pieces and blend them with a riot of Liberty florals. The installation also evokes a feeling of summer space by creating a patch of grass at the centre of the shop floor, with clothing displayed on mannequins in retro summerhouse-style fixtures.

Not what you’d usually expect to see in the interior space at Liberty, but it certainly seems like these two world-renowned brands have combined to create a nostalgic shopping experience.