Make Your Point of Sale Display Shine with LEDs

Lighting is one of the key factors in retail design. No matter how colourful and well designed a point of sale display is, it still looks dingy and uninviting if it is badly lit. Without the right lighting shops look dirtier, cheaper, and the goods on offer do not look nearly so attractive. Dark corners waste space and give shoplifters opportunities you do not want them to have.

We are not saying you should blind potential customers with harsh floodlights. Proper lighting is comfortable but bright. It highlights what you want it to highlight and makes the whole space appear bright and interesting. Part of that is placement of the lights and shades and part of that is choosing the right bulbs with the right power.

LEDs are wonderful. They are not only far more efficient than ordinary light bulbs (meaning you cut down your lighting energy bill down to as little as 10% without losing brightness), they are also tougher and do not need to be replaced so often. That means less maintenance and less chance of a blown bulb going unrepaired in your shop.

Unlike normal incandescent bulbs, LEDs can also give out a pure white light. Colours can be seen as they are, rather than slightly yellow tinted. This is great for retail display spaces where you want whites to seem truly white. LED bulbs are also very small in size so they can be fitted in tiny spaces and aimed very precisely. Using them allows you to get creative with your lighting and build something really unusual.