Making Truly Original Pop-Up Shops

26th March 2012

It is often said that nothing worthwhile in life comes easily and this can be true when it comes to promoting your goods. These days, it’s necessary to be creative and original to get the attention of consumers and this is not always simple.

For example, you might be keen to make the most of pop up shops. These temporary retail outlets can be ideal as a way of getting people talking and are therefore great as a way of raising the profile of your organisation.

However, the practical realities of creating temporary stores can be tricky, particularly if you lack experience in such matters. But the good news is, you don’t have to undertake such projects alone. Instead, you can come to the experts. Here at Barber Design we are specialists in such endeavours and should be able to achieve the best results for you, regardless of the potential obstacles in your way.

Indeed, the creative flare and sheer ingenuity of our retail designers was recently showcased in the Diesel pop up at the Boxpark site in Shoreditch. The brief was not easy. The firm had three units next to each other, but they were narrow and low, meaning that the usual retail principles had to be considered at a micro level.

Thankfully, our team loves a challenge and relished the opportunity to transform this space using their retail design skills.

Despite the limitations, they developed a multi-use experiential space that allows community and customer interaction. It even features a DJ booth in one corner, meaning the space can be transformed into a ‘boxparty’/club at the required times.