Meet the team – our new retail interior designer, Kasha

13th August 2012

photo of KashaMeet Kasha, one of Barber Design’s newest recruits. The Senior Retail Designer graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2007 with a degree in Interior Design and Technology. Since graduating, Kasha has been very much in demand, working with two big name retail interior design agencies in London before coming to work for Barber where she is enjoying the responsibility of leading her own design team on some exciting new projects.

Kasha’s role includes meeting with clients and producing architectural plans, technical drawings, layouts and 3D rendering visualisations for new store designs and retail display concepts. She enjoys every aspect of her role, especially the variety of the work and seeing the projects through from design to realisation. She takes pleasure in the creative process and finding new ways to develop and design retail spaces. The big smiles on the faces of the clients and the reactions from their customers are the icing on the cake as each new assignment is completed.

“Since a young age, I always dreamed about being an interior designer because it gives me the opportunity to see spaces transform into a visually creative design based on my vision. Every day I am looking for inspiration and improving my communication skills and the creative thinking needed in the industry. It is crucial to develop your creativity and passion for interior design because the industry moves so rapidly. Working at Barber is great because I am able to work independently and put my own individual stamp on things”

At present Kasha is working on several new retail design projects. We like to keep our projects confidential until completion so all she could say is that one is following on from a recent successful commission for a high street brand, one is for a brand new cosmetics company which will be launching soon in London and one is for a shoe company which has a flagship store in London and is working with Barber to develop a series of similarly designed retail outlets at an international level.

When asked about influences, Kasha cites Tadao Ando and John Pawson as having the most impact on her work. Both are minimalist in their approach. Japanese architect Ando’s work is characterised by large expanses of unadorned concrete combined with natural elements such as stone or wooden floors and large windows. A theme which translates well to retail where spaces should be large, clean and unfussy, inviting shoppers to focus on the products in an inviting yet unfussy environment. Pawson is an innovative British designer, whose work is also typified by a minimalist aesthetic which translates beautifully to retail interior design.

For inspiration, Kasha likes to visit the South Bank and take in new exhibitions. She relishes the challenge of keeping her designs fresh in a very competitive environment and enjoys exploring new ways to transform retail spaces whilst acknowledging her minimalist roots.

When not at work or roaming around London seeking inspiration, Kasha likes to get creative in the kitchen and enjoys home baking. Her favourite culinary delight at the moment is home-baked apple pie.