More details about our latest project – new British skincare brand, Orico London

Orico London retail store design

New organic skincare brand Orico London recently approached Barber to design the interior of their first Flagship store which opened on the King’s Road in Chelsea at the beginning of March.

Orico stands for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics & Oils. All of the products within the Orico range are certified organic and packaged in environmentally-friendly recyclable packaging. The organic skincare range is designed to meet the demands that everyday urban living places on your skin – identifying and filling a gap in the market caused by modern beauty problems, including the effects of urban pollution, air-conditioning units, heating and stress, which can all take the bloom out of your skin. After launching her pure skincare range for the face, body and baby in October 2012, creator and naturals pioneer, Shirin Valipour, set to work with Barber to design and launch Orico’s first store.

The interior of the shop is designed to offer a relaxing retail experience combined with a natural health and beauty social hub. As many stores close or downsize in the current economic climate, the rise of Orico London has given hope to many striving independent British brands, strengthened and supported by a conscientious retail interior design by Barber.

“We are thrilled to have opened our flagship store which we have opened to express the world of Orico London and our full concept.” – Shirin Valipour.

The store design clearly reflects Orico’s brand message. The brief was to create a clean, urban, modern ‘beauty art gallery’ where customers would feel comfortable browsing and exploring the comprehensive Orico product range displayed in an unhurried, friendly, stress-free and uplifting environment. Barber Design worked closely with Shirin to realise her vision of the ideal beauty retail experience – a process which took more than six months to perfect – but we are sure you will agree the results are worth it. The unique, bespoke orange circle displays were developed by designer Ben Rousseau, to infuse the Orico ‘O’ brand identity throughout the store whilst also providing a refreshing burst of colour throughout the fresh, bright store design.

In addition to retail, the Orico shop will join a growing number of London stores which host events and seminars for their customers – recognising and acknowledging the trend for diversification in the role of modern retail where stores offer other services and social elements in order to strengthen their brand and develop interest and customer loyalty within the marketplace. Shirin’s passion for her organic, natural products is clear as she plans a series of skincare events for customers: “We hope for our shop to become the local hub for urban health and beauty. In time we will be holding many events on natural health, beauty, relaxation, urban skincare solutions and baby skincare solutions to attract more consumers towards organic skincare. Natural ingredients are powerful and the future”.

We’ll have some more pictures of the store up on the blog in the next few weeks, in the meantime, if you’re in the area, we recommend a visit to the store – with prices starting at just £11 you can pick up some great products whilst checking out our design first hand.