Groundbreaking Car Display Concept Launches at the Paris Motor Show

11th October 2012

Continuing with our car theme, last week saw another unusual interior design being used to sell cars. An immersive, travelling showcase for Renault cars.

Photo by Jorge Ramírez on Unsplash

Photo by Jorge Ramírez on Unsplash

The concept of this design was to spark emotion at first sight and address the concept of movement in a regulated and static environment – with a complete break from the traditional car show display format. During the design phase the team identified the common value shared by all of the various models of Renault car to be ‘motion’ they then developed this idea to create a fully immersive experience, rather than a traditional display platform.

The result is called ‘the Bump’ and will travel to 20 cities over a three year period. Launching last week at the Paris Motor Show. Renault’s slogan ‘Drive the Change’ is expressed through rolling ‘hills’ with rotating cars, atmospheric lighting and projections.

Global marketing and communications director for Renault, Stephen Norman said “We want the general public to experience the change during the 2012 Paris Motor Show. We want the experience to be as clear and friendly as possible by welcoming visitors to a new world.”

The design of ‘The Bump’ also incorporates other facilities discreetly concealed beyond the vast projection screens, including meeting rooms, merchandising boutique stores and breakout areas to create a fully immersive experience.