Retail Design and Effective Displays

21st May 2011

Retail designers tell us time and again that the vast majority of purchase decisions are made by customers while they are in-store. However, with so many products and brands competing for attention on today‘s high street, how can you ensure your product will be the one which grabs customers’ attention?

Use effective displays

Effective retail displays such as eye-catching fixtures and pop-up displays can go a long in grabbing the attention of passing customers. More classy looking presentations can persuade customers to pay higher prices, as they will be more likely to perceive a greater value.

Create the right atmosphere

In order for customers to feel comfortable enough to make a purchase in your store, they need to be in a positive mood. Utilising appropriate lighting, aesthetically pleasing materials and attractive colours can help to make your store more inviting.

Use graphics and signs

Attention grabbing graphics and signs can be a great way to deliver and repeat information to customers. Reinforcing a brand or drawing attention to a promotion can be done far more effectively with graphics and signs.

Pick the right locations

Always ensure that displays which feature your biggest brands are located where they will be easily seen. By positioning your retail displays correctly, you can gently guide customers through your store in a way which ensures they will pass all of your most enticing offers.

When applied accordingly, retail display solutions can be the most effective of all promotional tools.