Retail Design for Staff

14th October 2011

Retail design is mostly about appealing to the customer’s visual sensibilities and making sure they can find what they want quickly and easily. Special offers and flagship products should be prominently displayed in an eye-catching way, and the space should feel open and unrestricted. However, there is more to it than that. Good designs may be all about the customer but really great ones consider the needs of staff too.

If staff work in an environment that is easy to keep clean and simple to organise they will be more likely to stay on top of everyday tasks even in the busiest periods. They’ll be more likely to take pride in a shop that looks superbly tidy from the outset, and keep it looking that way. And of course, cleaning and tidying will take up less staff time. That means more hours spent with customers. It also means happier staff, and happier staff are friendlier and more effective as salespeople.

Staff should also be able to see what’s going on across the shop. If a poorly-placed retail display blocks the view, it will make it harder to spot shoplifters and customers that need a helping hand. With the right layout and design features it should be very easy for your workforce to identify and deal with potential problems and make sure no customer ever feels like they are receiving poor service. Security is a particularly important design feature in pop-up shops, where there tends to be less of a perimeter and fewer barriers to shoplifting.