Retail Displays, Designs and Themes

Using effective retail display and retail design can be a very effective way of enticing  potential customers in to a shop, persuading them to stay a while and, hopefully, encouraging them to make a purchase. Any shop which chooses not to recognise the importance of retail displays and design will more than likely be labelled as a “cheap items” shop and consequently find it hard to pursue high margin sales with their brand products.

Displays & Design

Reputable retail designers claim that around 60% of buying decisions are made by customers within a store. Therefore the most important factors which need to be considered when promoting items are store design and display effectiveness. By having well-designed custom retail displays placed in optimal positions on an uncluttered and inviting shop floor, practically any retailer can vastly improve the number of buying decisions made within their store.


Any retail business which has more than one shop can benefit from using uniform retail displays across all of its stores to help strengthen the company’s brand image. This can have a very positive effect on brand recognition as, even if the type of products on sale change from time to time, the familiarity of branded retail displays will still attract shoppers to see the new items on offer.

Branded retail displays, effective store design and uniform themes can be incredibly beneficial to retail businesses who need to maximise their profits. To learn more, spend some time with us here at Barber Design.