Robbie Williams’ Farrell Clothing Range

We here at Barber Design are incredibly proud of the impressive new store environment which our retail designers recently created for Robbie Williams new Farrell range of menswear.

Retail design and concept

Our talented designers worked closely with Rob and his management team to come up with the concept of a timeless backdrop and mid-floor retail display space that pays homage to the decades of the 1950’s and 60’s. We achieved this by including lots of touches based on the craftsmanship of the time such as hand-painted finishes, brass, and classic cars. Furthermore, the use of panelled wood, hand-painted units and an oak-topped feature table helped to propagate the ,timeless, quality of the space even further. In addition, the environment also includes handwritten signage, gloss metalwork finishes, bespoken rugs and vintage mannequins embroidered with the Farrell logo.


The branding and visual identity for Farrell was created by the Tom Hingston studio. Like most clothing ranges, the Farrell logo design has been created to appeal to its target audience whilst alluding to the nature of the clothing. Quite simply, the logo is a ribbon-like cord based on the Staffordshire knot, making reference to the old craft (and quality) of tailoring and includes the name of the line printed in upper case letters underneath.

The Farrell brand (named after Robbie’s paternal grandfather) is currently available at 10 House of Fraser department stores throughout the country and online via