Selfridges Whispering Window Displays

7th September 2012
Photo by Kitti Incédi on Unsplash

Photo by Kitti Incédi on Unsplash

In the current economic climate a good brand identity and retail interior design strategy is more relevant than ever. With the well-documented decline in high street sales and the rise of pop-up retail, stores are trying increasingly innovative methods to entice shoppers back into town centres.

The shop window display is the first port of call for shoppers deciding whether to step over the threshold and make a purchase. Making sure that it is visually effective has always been a challenge for retail interior designers. Now Selfridges in London are trying a new way to entice shoppers using audio as well as visual  to encourage people into their store – whispering!

The current window display at Selfridges incorporates  animated visuals on a Casio Laser and LED Hybrid Projector with audio provided by a FeONIC ‘Whispering Window’ system. As passers by stop to take in the visuals they are then surprised to hear the accompanying audio and linger a while to appreciate the display. FeONIC claim that their Whispering Windows have previously increased sales by 40%. The surprise element of the window audio combined with the animated visuals  on display at Selfridges have already been drawing large crowds as the shopper’s attention is caught by the images and then held by the sounds  emanating from the window. Rather than using traditional, unsightly speaker boxes the  technology utilises the hard surface of the glass as a speaker, emitting audio via vibrations, to create an unexpected and immersive experience.

Selfridges aren’t the first store to try Whispering Windows – Peter Jones also trialled a display at their London store:

“The retail sector has been looking for a way that allows people to hear as well as see products, so Whispering Windows is precisely what we‘ve all been waiting for. After installing Whispering Windows into our store front, the number of people who stopped to view our window displays increased by nearly 50 percent during an afternoon of testing. ”

Kevin Scully, Visual Merchandising Manager, Peter Jones, London

And it’s not just windows that can be transformed into speakers – any solid surface can be used – shelves, walls, floors, partitions, ceilings – even mannequins. FeONIC claim that their Whispering Window technology can help increase the number of shoppers and sales revenues by as much as 50 percent during the first week of a retail campaign – demonstrating the impact this technology can have in creating an immediate wow-factor in any retail window display.

Selfridges whispering window displays