Simmons Bakery – Store Design and Visualisation

2nd August 2012

Simmons Bakery

Simmons Bakery needed a new concept for their Hatfield Branch. It was a complex proposal which included store design and visualisation, design intent drawings, suggested materials, finishes and proposed furniture and fittings.

The company felt that this project required a fresh approach, so they came to Barber – with our specialist knowledge of both branding and interior retail design – knowing that we would be able to deliver. Working closely with Simmons, Barber fulfilled the brief with a series of exclusive designs to complement their current branding strategy and unique selling point. The fresh visualisations and suggested materials in the designs establish Simmon’s position in the marketplace: increasing the distinctive strength of the brand and setting them apart from their competitors.

Simmons Bakery

The designs are now being implemented and the store is currently being refitted by Simmons’ shopfitting team. These concept drawings show how the finished bakery will look. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on progress on the blog with some photos of the finished article and if you’re passing through Hatfield, why not to drop in for lunch and take a look once it is finished? We’d be interested to know what you think.