One of our latest store design projects – The Triathlon Shop in Bristol is now open

One of our latest store design projects – The Triathlon shop opened on 31st May on the Harbourside in Bristol.

You may remember we blogged about our work with the store back in January. The store is Bristol’s only dedicated Triathlon store and features lots of amazing stuff like an endless pool, a bike fitting studio and gait analysis equipment.

the cycling section at the Triathlon Shop


The Elite endless pool is the only publicly available Elite pool in the country. It is slightly deeper than a standard endless pool allowing customers to try all types of stroke and standard of swimming. Customers are also able to try on wetsuits in the pool from a set of demo suits that allow them to test the suit in a real life scenario before they buy it. In addition to this the store also offers swimming coaching in the pool with a dedicated swimming and triathlon coach.


The shop’s bike fitting service uses Newfit Systems motion capture technology to help riders check their riding position and make the small changes that can make all the difference to a competition time.


Newfit systems also provide the technology behind the Triathlon store’s Gait analysis equipment, which systematically studies a runner’s movement, body mechanics and muscle activity in order to help them run more efficiently and identify any posture or movement problems which might be causing or exacerbating existing injuries.

The Gait analysis service at the Triathlon Shop is offered free with every shoe purchase – with expert running consultants on hand to help customers choose the perfect shoe for their level of activity.

We’re waiting for some photos of the new store to come in so we can show you all of this exciting stuff, but in the meantime you can follow the progress of the store fit on the Triathlon store’s blog and see some pictures from the store opening on their Facebook page.

Triathlon Store entrance