Sustainable Café Bar in Amsterdam

10th September 2012

Last week we looked at a Japanese restaurant in a replica tree – this week we’re checking out a sustainable retail environment in the form of this new community Café Bar which has just popped up in Noorderpark in Amsterdam.

Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash

Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash

The designers made the decision to construct it entirely from recycled materials as it has been crowd funded – a process where lots of people chip-in via a website to get a project off the ground – which meant that funds were limited. The recycled materials were collected from all over Holland in a second-hand van and the final effect is stunning.

The exterior cladding is made from charred wood, using an ancient Japanese technique called ‘Shou Sugi Ban’. The process is gaining popularity outside of Japan as the process of charring the wood  – traditionally Japanese Cyprus (Sugi) – makes it virtually maintenance free and resistant to fire, insects and pests. The carbon releases a protective layer during burning which increases the life span of the wood to more than 80 years.

The interior design of the café is light and airy with a collection of recycled windows arranged together to create an enticing and atmospheric dining environment.