The Importance of Effective Retail Display

Retail design brings together several different areas of expertise in the design and construction of retail space. It is primarily a specialised practice of architecture and interior design, but also incorporates elements of interior decoration,  industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics, and advertising.

This specialised discipline is crucial to shops because of the heavy demands placed on retail space, which must promote an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience. Equally the space must be specially-tailored to whatever is being sold in that space; for example, a book seller needs many large shelving units for small products while a clothes shop needs more open space.

Retail designers are also needed to create spaces which draw people in to shop and spend money, especially in an age where so much retail has moved online. The storefront must be the store’s billboard, often with large display windows allowing shoppers to see into the space and the products inside. For a retail chain, individual spaces must be consistent in their design

At Barber Design, we are retail display specialists with a passion for innovative, eye-catching, sometimes risk taking design. We’ll listen carefully to what you, and, in turn, your own customers want, then create a bold statement using modern colours and fabrics, and exciting materials and lighting.

Learn more about us online, and see what we’ve done for some of our household-name clients, from B&Q to Nike, from Topshop to Tesco and Thomas Cook. We could do the same for you.