The Importance of Impulse Buying

20th February 2012

Impulse buying is an important retail strategy which relies on customers picking things up from a particular retail display because they have suddenly decided that it is something that they need or want. Without that display in that specific location in your store, they would most likely not have bought that item. This strategy is most commonly deployed near tills and queuing areas because customers will have the time to look at what’s there.

To get the most out of a point of sale display, our team of expert designers will incorporate this into your overall retail design. Neglecting to include POS displays could mean that you are losing out on a large percentage of sales. It is not about tricking the customers into buying something that they don’t need. Many of the resulting sales will be because the customer has forgotten that they wanted or needed a certain item, or it might be that they didn’t even know that your shop sold it.

It is not just about having the right products displayed in the right areas, however, but also about the way in which they are displayed, which needs to be appealing to the customer and also easy to access and see. If a POS display runs alongside a queue, it is quite easy for it to become untidy or low on stock because staff find it hard to access the area. Our team can advise you on the best way to incorporate retail displays into the overall design of your store.