Our latest Travel retail design – the Departures Duty Free Store in Colombo, Sri-Lanka

14th August 2017

Travel retail design is one of our specialisms at Barber and something that we really enjoy, so we were delighted earlier this year when Flemingo Duty Free asked us to help them design and develop a new retail offer at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri-Lanka. Flemingo wanted the Departures Duty Free Store up and running as soon as possible. We started designing in March and the store opened in July – and our clients were delighted with the results.

Flemingo Departures duty free

The retail design work was preceded by a visit to the site in Colombo to get a feel for the location and see what was achievable within the space. Several design options were produced, focusing on maximising visibility and appeal – to ensure that potential customers would notice the store and be inspired or enticed to step inside and make some purchases.

Flemingo Departures duty free

Flemingo wanted to incorporate several departments into the store, which covers 5,000 square feet – with clear wayfinding and navigation between the different areas. Our solution was to create a dynamic walkway – accessible right through the store – leading to a central Perfume and Cosmetic hub that is designed to attract and engage customers.

Flemingo Departures duty free

Brightly lit ceiling features above the walkway define the space, leading customers through the shop and into the specific travel retail product sections.  LED flooring was developed and installed along with a comprehensive set of retail fixtures for the business. All of these features were designed to maximise product displays with the lighting showcasing each product. Large-scale video walls and screens were also installed in order to entertain and engage visitors to the store.

Flemingo Departures duty free

The ‘sense of place’ branding and wayfinding developed by our graphics team gives the shop a contemporary feel along with a nod to the rich culture of Sri Lanka, using traditional patterns and textures. This theme is repeated throughout the retail environment.

Flemingo Departures duty free

The project was developed on a fast track timescale from concept through to development and full store detailing.  We worked closely with manufacturers in Dubai and Sri Lanka during the process, who created and installed the equipment and retail fit out to our specifications.

The launch of the new departures store in July 2017 – just 4 months after starting the project – creates a new direction and image for the Flemingo Travel Retail brand, showcasing their products to maximum effect. Flemingo are delighted with the outcome and the brands showcased in the shop are also extremely pleased with the new store environment, as are our clients:

‘We opened the departure shop today. The shop has come out very well and has been well appreciated by the Airport Management. We have also got very good feedback from some of the P&C brands who were visiting. Thank you once again, look forward to working with you on the Arrival shop shortly.”

Barber Design are now working with Flemingo to develop a new Arrival shop at the airport. We will share news on this project with you as it develops. If you’ve travelled to Sri Lanka recently and seen the store we’d love to know what you think – let us know in the comments section below!

Flemingo Departures duty free

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