Using Retail to Help Balance the Books at Your Club

5th March 2012

Football clubs around the UK and elsewhere around Europe are currently undergoing significant changes in order to meet the new Financial Fair Play regulations set out by the Union of European Football Associations. The organisation’s bold initiative means that, by the 2014/15 season, all clubs must balance their football-related expenditure against their incomes.

If your club is currently under pressure to boost your incomings, you might want to think carefully about retail design. Merchandise can play an important role in revenue generation and, at present, your organisation may not be making the most of it.

Here at Barber Design we have much experience of working with organisations like yours and know various tricks of the trade to help boost your finances. One of your greatest assets is the loyal base of fans you have. These people visit your venue time and again and they are often eager to spend their money on merchandise.

By concentrating on retail interior design and making sure that your shops are well laid out and attractive, you can shift more of your products. Meanwhile, by combining this with multichannel retailing and apps, you can boost your revenue even further.

Of course, the number of items you sell is somewhat constrained by the fact that consumers may only visit your outlets on match days. However, our retail designers are used to thinking outside the box and can help you come up with innovative solutions. For example, you might be able to boost sales by using technology to deliver the right size or colour of product directly to customers’ homes to try allow them to try them on.

Also, you can utilise digital displays or QR code on products in your windows that take people straight to your website.