What is a Pop-Up Shop?

7th June 2011

Pop-up shops epitomise our short-attention span, high speed culture. Comme des Garçons kicked off the trend in 2004 with its guerilla stores, and now the concept is hugely popular, especially in London.

What is a pop-up shop?

Essentially, a pop-up shop is one which springs up somewhere unexpected, creates a storm, and then vanishes again, just as fashion followers move on to the next big thing. That could be a single day or several weeks later.

They may be small and temporary, but this kind up shopping space can whip up interest through consumer exposure. Pop-up retail allows a brand to create a unique environment which makes their customers feel included, generating a sense of relevance and interactivity. They are particularly popular with marketers of seasonal goods from Halloween costumes to Christmas gifts and trees, or fireworks for Bonfire Night.

A pop-up shop often offers fashionable items, especially clothes, and are less about making a profit than creating demand for the goods and generating profitable business elsewhere.

Pop-up shop specialists

At Barber Design, we specialise in all aspects of retail design, including pop-up shops. We’re passionate about great design which gets your cash tills ringing. And we have a string of household name brands as clients, from Nike to Jessops and Tesco.

We can help you with all aspects of design of your retail space, from a pop-up shop to point of sale display.

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