What is Point of Sale Display?

A point of sale display (POS) is a specialised type of sales promotion found near, on or next to a check out counter. The aim is to draw the customer’s attention to products, perhaps because they are new, on special offer or for a seasonal sales push.

Shelf edging, dummy packs, display stands, posters and so on are all part of POS retail marketing. Common items displayed this way include sweets, chewing gum and magazines.

This type of retail display is especially popular where there is limited floor space. The display may be lit by a light-box, and POS are usually made from cardboard or foam-board, with a plastic or Perspex stand, all replaceable and disposable. Designers make full use of colour and printing to make the display look attractive.

Some displays are fixed or non-disposable; these may include lighting to make the display stand out more and may also contain a cooler, for example for drinks or ice cream. Some are as simple as a metal basket, with no external design, just showing a price.

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