Why Choose Barber For Retail Design?

If you’re still undecided about choosing us for your retail designers, here are some key reasons why we feel that you will be completely happy with us as your first choice.

1.    We’re fun.
How often have you worked with difficult people and wished you had chosen someone else, but it was too late? Here at Barber, our staff are approachable and personable. We love working with people.

2.    We’re creative.
We love being different, and offering innovative design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical all at once. We are professional and affordable, but we’re also really creative.

3.    We’ve worked for the big guys.
You can trust us to do an excellent job with the retail design of your shop, because you’ve already seen our work out there in well known brand names like Tesco, Diesel, Gap, Miss Selfridge, B&Q, and Topshop. But we’re happy to work with small companies too. We work with companies all over the UK and internationally.

4.    We offer great value for money.
We’re affordable, but we aren’t cheap. You will only get the best from us.

5.    Our clients love us.
You’ll only need to browse through our testimonials to see how much our clients love us. They tell us how we helped solve problems in their shop layouts, increased sales, and more.

To find out how we can help your shop with retail design, get in touch today!