Your Retail Design Can Influence Customers

7th February 2011

When you open your own shop, there are a lot of things to think about. One of the most important of which is the retail design, which extends far beyond simply arranging your products in an attractive way. The layout and design of your shop can have significant influence on what your customers buy, encouraging them to purchase more than they originally intended.

The front of your shop should be extremely impactful. The retail display at the front of your store is the first thing that your customers see and will determine whether or not they venture further. Never display your basic items at the front of your shop. You should use this space to showcase your most distinctive and eye-catching pieces, and create a retail display that sets you apart from the competition.

When considering your retail design, think about your most popular products. While you shouldn’t hide them away, you should display them on the centre of aisles towards the back of your store. This will discourage customers from rushing directly to the item they want in your store. You want them to be able to see as many of your other products as possible before they leave the store.

In order for customers to spend a long time in your shop, your retail design should create a relaxing environment. Any bright lighting, loud music or difficult to negotiate aisles will make customers want to leave as quickly as possible. Create a calming shopping environment and your sales will speak for themselves.