55DSL Diesel Boxpark

Barber was commissioned to create a retail unit for Diesel in one of the shipping containers of the ‘Boxpark’ area in Shoreditch, London. It was designed in conjunction with Diesel’s showroom focusing on the 55DSL range featuring a similar decorative treatment, furniture and merchandising rails.

“The result is a powerful and bold environment maintaining Diesel’s trendsetting brand presence in the market place.” – Doug Barber, MD

A designated section was required for local artists to show their pieces amongst Diesel’s clothing range. An overall monochrome treatment was applied throughout cutting diagonally across the interior of the containers to break up the long narrow nature of the space, plus creating the flexibility of a ‘blank canvas’ to exhibit upcoming local artists. The design utilised recycled items to create unitary and changing rooms and a new lighting scheme utilised recycled lamps incorporated into the suspended garment rails to create a minimalist look and feel. Incorporated into the design was a seating area with built in media consoles as well as working DJ decks and a sound system to showcase local talent.