Andrea Ubhi- private dental practice

Andrea Ubhi came to Barber Design to reignite her passion for her dental practice ‘AU’. When visualising her brand, she realised she needed a brand re-fresh as well as new interiors.

Andrea Ubhi came to Barber Design to reignite her passion for her dental practice ‘AU’.   The Practice is a leading dental specialist in the historic walled city of York that attracts customers from all over the country.

Our first task was to understand the customer types and the customer journey within the practice, which is relatively compact and stretches over three floors of a Grade II listed building.  Through our strategic approached, we discussed the current challenges Andrea face and this enabled us to unlock a much more enjoyable customer journey on what can be a daunting experience for many.

We relocated the front door by lowering the floor to pavement-level and re-designed the shopfront to be more aesthetically appealing. This gave a hugely improved entrance to the practice and serves customers much better.

The entire interior was planned out with the customer (and staff) in mind and has been completely re-designed. We introduced calming eco-friendly materials, a new finishes pallet and lighting scheems to soothe and inspire the customer.   Meeting rooms became calm, de-cluttered and approachable.

The environment was complimented by new Branding that Barber created for the AU brand, a modern and contemporary twist on the play of letters. We also developed a new website for the practice to ensure a seamless customer journey throughout the entire user experience.

It is fair to say that Andrea has reignited her passion for the business and is overjoyed with the result.  We are so pleased with the finished article as well;  it has put a huge smile on our faces too!

“We all feel so proud to have the practice like this,  and we feel like it has raised us to a new level. We are excited to invite people round and have open days. So the new design is really propelling us into the future, which is everything I hoped for.

All the staff are so proud to work in such a glamorous place.  Interestingly it was the moment that the flowers went in- that it felt just right.  I have fallen back in love with the practice, that is the perfect way of expressing it. In fact, everyone from staff to customers are loving it.

I am really pleased that we changed the branding too,  again, that has lifted us to a new level- thanks for everything to you and your design team.” – Andrea Ubhi