Damsel in a Dress

We worked with Premium woman’s wear brand Damsel in a Dress to develop a retail strategy for the brand to be rolled out in concessions across the UK.

After starting out as an online retailer, Damsel in a Dress approached Barber to help them design concessions in John Lewis stores throughout the UK. The brief included designing 3D retail environments, brand development, patterns, textures and collateral to sport the stores such as bags, swing tags and colour palettes.
Our designs were developed within a tight deadline and the materials used were chosen to reflect the brand’s target customer and their fashion and lifestyle aspirations. The retail design features copper textured materials, refined timbers and sophisticated lighting effects that showcase the product effectively. During the project, Barber worked closely with Damsel in a Dress to ensure that the brand message was on point and that our designers effectively conveyed their ideas.