Farah Vintage

Barber won the pitch to design the concept for the Farah Vintage line’s launch into the retail high street within the major department store House of Fraser.

“The new look and feel compliments the product really well and gives a nod to the vintage aspect of the brand by using traditional materials and finishes, updated in a contemporary slick way. We are very pleased with the results. Thank you.”?Mia Zackrisson, European Head of Marketing, Farah Vintage

Today, the Farah Vintage line draws upon its heritage to produce distinctive clothes for a new generation. Barber created the winning concept for the high street stores and concessions in keeping with the Farah Vintage brand and ensuring the specific merchandising requirements of the client were achieved. Also commissioned was further development of the concept design to meet site-specific requirements, manufacturing detail and production to launch the brand onto the high street. In 2011, the store concept was rolled out into two House of Fraser stores which Barber progressed up to handover. In early 2012, a further concession of the Farah Vintage concept was created in Citadium – a Parisian department store. We designed this concession to meet with the local Paris regulations for approval and through to manufacture.