House of Keune, UK Flagship, Holborn London

Keune came to Barber to launch their first UK show-stopping flagship for their luxury haircare brand

We have thoroughly enjoyed designing this incredible showroom in such an iconic building in London. Working with the architecture, brand guidelines, and stakeholder team has been great; there are a lot of elements here to excite customers, and this will hopefully be the start of many physical salons for Keune.

They’re a great family business with rich history and know everything about haircare; we’re excited to see the space come to life filled with customers, DJs, coffee barristers, influencers and brand ambassadors.

Professional haircare brand Keune came to Barber with a brief to design a show-stopping flagship environment in Holborn’s The Post Building, Central London. An iconic destination grounds the new brand partnership between the historic and prestigious Keune and Bloom Lifestyle.

Working closely with the brand’s General Manager / Country Director, Darren Potter, and Eelco Keune CEO of Keune Haircosmetics, the concept design speaks to their forward-thinking, bold, knowledgeable and professional brand with an environment that oozes a calm serenity, allowing the product and the stylists to stand out. Keune also wanted to use natural and sustainable materials where possible, introducing planting with the standout moss wall to create health benefits in the space and textures to add depth and interest.

The old Royal Mail Post Building will host Keune in a five thousand seven hundred square feet space across two floors and will be their centre of excellence, training stylists, launching products, hosting events, a cafe bakery and a workspace for the team.

Keune wanted to showcase extensive experience with hair colour in a contemporary and immersive guest experience.

Barber designs took inspiration from chosen artist installations to create dramatic windows and interior features that allow the colour to shine from outside to inside the space and throughout the interiors; the final effect floods the space with light and colour during the day.

The double-height space and raw architecture are filled with natural materials, lighter tones and green planting to soften the strong geometric space with femininity. The space also had to flex dramatically, allowing for fashion shows, large demonstrations, parties and company events throughout the year. From the entrance, customers are welcomed with a large sculptural ceiling feature which has a series of vertical coloured ribbons that represent the haircare colours available. At the Consultation Bar, the hub of the ground floor, stylists mix colours and talk with customers, and it’s all open – there is a sense of theatre. The hair wash area is soft and relaxed, contrasting with the fast-paced main shop floor; it’s slightly elevated and a perfect place to relax and unwind. Two of the most prominent features in the space are the ‘history wall’ speaking to Keune’s 100-year history and a vertical garden moss wall which sits behind the cutting stations.

Natural aspects play on the customer’s senses, engaging with them on all levels. Naturally, there are some retail elements, and the upstairs mezzanine floor has an open-planned vibe, with flexible working, a kitchen, and event space and is open and welcoming, just like the brand ethos. There’s also a shop-in-shop barber environment, a physical representation of the 1922 Keune brand, which offers haircuts, beard trims and wet shaves.