Mary Portas Secret Shopper

Mary Portas approached Barber Design to create a new retail design for Cranleigh Bridal alongside her efforts to rebrand the company and boost sales as part of her show ‘Secret Shopper’.

Profits and sales immediately went up and it goes to show that an improved experiential retail environment, brand image, great products, VM and fantastic customer service still go a long way in the world of high street retail

After meeting with the clients, we proposed a new retail environment that elevated the display of the wedding dresses, with a new seating area, spacious changing rooms and an elevated shopfront window. A series of bespoke showcases was proposed for the centre of the store to display accessories and jewellery. The colour scheme was kept simple, in grey tones to allow the dresses to stand out, with accents of oak and copper.

Mary Portas Secret Shopper aired on the 6th January on Channel 4 at 8pm. Due to time and budget constraints not all of our ideas were used in the show but you can see some of our visuals and ideas here – and you can watch the show here on All 4 to see how Mary got on!