Neal’s Yard Remedies Meadowhall

Barber Design have been working closely with Neal’s Yard Remedies to develop an exciting new store concept as part of an international roll out in the UK. The latest store opened early 2018 in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Inside, the store features traditional natural wood and tiled surfaces mixed with the brand’s trademark blue glass bottles in backlit displays and a cluster of blue glass bottle pendant ceiling lights and a backlit blue glass bottle display. The store features unique, bespoke displays and shelves using premium materials to infuse the Neal’s Yard Remedies’ ethos and clear brand identity throughout the store.

High quality materials and bright colours help to infuse the Neal’s Yard Remedies’ ethos and brand identity throughout each store, whilst also providing a refreshing approach to their traditional apothecary environment. Our retail design for the Meadowhall store invites customers to come in and browse, to try different remedies and engage with the shop assistants in a hospitable and comfortable environment.

The Meadowhall store continues our international roll out for Neal’s Yard Remedies with many more to come in the near future.