Yasar Halim Supermarket Branding

Established London supermarket group Yasar Halim came to Barber for a refreshed identity, new communication style and retail store environment to reflect a modern consumer

In the Summer of 2021, Yasar Halim Supermarkets came to Barber Design Agency for a refresh of their existing brand identity, corporate image, communication style and retail store environment. The Turkish Cypriot family have several stores across London and narrating their Mediterranean heritage was of upmost importance. The branding team at Barber felt an olive green was the right colour and tone for this supermarket brand to standout, and the tree has a hand-drawn effect to show how the brand is selective in the food in-store for customers. The brand feels natural and cared for; which is how this neighbourhood store wants to be experienced by the local community. Barber worked closely with the management team, and key to this collaborative approach, the branded storefront, shopper bag, and interior design were designed.