Bangkok restaurant interior design concept brings Thai street food indoors

1st March 2013

Continuing our look at global retail concepts, welcome to the Coca Grill. This restaurant in Bangkok opened last year and is designed to represent a stylised version of Thailand’s famous street food culture of Thailand in a classy, restaurant environment.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

The retail designer’s aim was to infuse the atmosphere of an ‘indoor street’ within a high-end dining experience. They created several public kitchen spaces where food is cooked fresh – almost as a form of theatre – in front of diners, to emulate Asia’s unique and eclectic open-air dining experience.

The design also features many stylised street elements – such as wheeled dining tables with sloping roofs to represent the street vendor’s carts, neon signs. paving slab-effect flooring featuring faux manholes and a selection of brightly coloured chairs. Whilst ticking all the design boxes – the restaurant interior is also extremely flexible and can be reconfigured to move the tables and seating elements to cater for different parties.

By capturing the core elements of Asian street food culture, the Coca Grill design team are reaping the benefits of acknowledging the area’s rich cultural heritage. The community ethic of the open-air street food experience and it’s entrepreneurial spirit have been recreated to produce a form of brand identity which strikes a chord with local diners who value the deep-rooted cultural significance of the concept which forms a fundamental layer of their societal and urban structure.