Innovative mobile store designs – Origami Kiosks

14th March 2014

These innovative mobile store designs are flexible, folding Origami kiosks. They appeared last month in London’s Canary Wharf as part of the Ice Sculpting Festival. The kiosk designs are based on Origami – the ancient Japanese art of paper folding but in this case paper is eschewed in favour of some sturdy and practical aluminium panels – but the designs can still be folded  like paper when not in use, transforming them  into intriguing sculptures.

The Origami Kiosks

These two kiosks were being used as information stands for visitors to the festival but the possibilities for them as a mobile or temporary retail proposition are endless. The folding design means they can be easily taken down and moved so they would be suitable for travelling stores or pop up concessions. The panels on the kiosks are joined together with an intricate system of locking hinges which allows them to be folded away easily. The matt black finish gives them a space age feel and when closed they look rather mysterious and out of place – enticing visitors to take a closer look.

Origami Kiosks