Naha Harbour Diner, Okinawa, Japan: A Restaurant in a Tree!

29th August 2012

Continuing with our look at interesting international retail designs – last week we looked at a pop down pop-up restaurant deep underground in Finland – this week we’re aiming a bit higher!

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

Check out the amazing Naha Harbour Diner which has recently popped-up 20ft above ground in the Banyan Town retail centre in Okinawa, Japan.

This innovatively designed restaurant is situated on top of a giant tree – which is a faithful replica of a Gajumaru or Banyan tree, constructed from concrete. Diners enter the restaurant via a spiral staircase situated at the rear. The tree emphasises the restaurant’s own brand identity as a supplier of wholesome and sustainable food. Gajamaru trees in particular hold a special spiritual significance in Japanese culture and despite it’s dramatic exterior, the interior design is more subtle. Visitors to the restaurant describe and intimate and romantic ambience.