Travel retail design project visuals for Flemingo Duty Free

17th May 2018

This week we are pleased to be able to reveal some visuals for our travel retail design project for Flemingo Duty Free at Macau International Airport in China. This is the second time we have worked with Flemingo. We also worked with them to develop a retail design concept for the departure lounge at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri-Lanka, last year.

Barber design for Flamengo

As you can see from these visuals, our latest travel retail design reflects the vibrant nature of Macau – a dynamic, exciting resort city in Southern China. Known for it’s casinos and luxury hotels, the city is a popular destination for business, entertainment and shopping. A hotspot for international tourists, some of the most prestigious brands in the world have stores in Macau and we wanted our duty-free store design to reflect this feeling of exclusive luxury.

Macau Duty Free visuals

Macau’s tremendous energy and character drove the inspiration for our design. The shapes are free flowing and organic while at the same time full of vitality and contrast – with an eclectic mix of historically and geographically-inspired patterns which suggest energy and momentum.

Macau Duty Free visuals

Elegant and modern materials are used to construct an optimal customer experience throughout the space with promotional hot spots and light boxes. Strategically used technological elements including video walls, a virtual reality wall and a digital price-checking screen provide opportunities for continuous visual communication with everyshopper as they travel through the Duty Free area.

Macau Duty Free visuals

At Barber we have developed our own approach to travel retail design. We understand that travellers generally browse travel retail and duty free stores in a different way to high street or other stores and we use this knowledge in each design project. Our concept work for Macau is tailored to the location and designed to enhance an already vibrant location within the Macau International Airport’s departure lounge to appeal to travel retail passengers to this beautiful resort.